Coca Cola (KO) – 05.12.2016

Note: Our target price was hit on 09.12.2016
Warren Buffett’s all time favourite stock Coca Cola. We all drink it, we all love it!! Coca Cola started an amazing year, the stock price rose almost 15% just in 3 months. However since then Coca Cola not only wiped out all the 2016 gains but also went into 3% loss (on the first trading day of 2016 Coca Cola closed the day at $41.51. On 4th of December, the closing share price was  $40.34)
At this stage we believe Coca Cola hit the bottom and getting ready for a spike. Our initial target price is $41. Please be advised that there will be a strong resistance at this level. If it can be broken, we can see a further jump to $42.
This cannot be considered an investment advice!!