GBP/USD – 22.09.2016


GBP/USD – 22.09.2016

The expected has just happened…the interest rates of BOTH the Bank of England and FED did not change.

So how does this effect the GBPUSD? After the BREXIT it dropped which has gone down sharply with little or no sign to recover.

On our previous analysis we have said that there will be a sharp upward movement on GBPUSD. The pair went up 600 points within 2 weeks. Later on central bank meetings pressurised the price back to the 1.30 level and now it is currently trading around 1.3050.

Considering FED’s interest rate decision our initial target price for this pair is 1.3200.

Once our target price is met, we will update our analysis.

This cannot be considered an investment advice!