Twitter (TWTR) – 11.11.2016


Note: Our target price was hit on 09.12.2016

Clearly buyout rumours made everyone excited about Twitter (TWTR). As a result the share price (sp) went up to $24. Yet within a week, the rumours faded away, potential buyers disappeared which caused a sharp drop on the share price to lower $16s.


After that Twitter (TWTR) beat the Wall Street expectations on the 3rd quarter results. Yet the monthly active users grew just above 1%. These results had pushed the sp to $19.30. However company COO Adam Bain announced on Wednesday that he is leaving the company. Action never ends on Twitter…


Currently the share is trading at $18.50. Having considered that it was trading at $14 – $15 in June, the sp has gone up nearly 20% in 5 months. We believe this upward trend will slowly carry on and Twitter will be trading around $19 – $20 range very shortly (8% upward potential).


Once our target is met, we will update our analysis.

This cannot be considered as an investment advice!!